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Bricks made the traditional way

Technical Information

Variations in Colour and Texture

It is important to note that our bricks are manufactured from natural raw materials and shade variations will occur. The manufacturing processes used for some bricks can create a naturally random weathered appearance, which indeed adds to the appeal of our bricks.

The images on this website are designed to be used as guidance only and whilst every effort has been made to represent brick colours and textures accurately, we always recommend you obtain samples for verification before placing an order.

Batch Variations

Clay bricks can vary slightly in colour from batch to batch for a variety of reasons including the clay properties and mix, sand colour and small variances in firing conditions.

It is important that the total quantity required for a project is ordered and preferably delivered at one time. Delays in placing complete orders and accepting deliveries may result in colour variation.

Technical Data Sheets & Downloads

A full range of technical data sheets and Declaration of Performance documentation is available on the Downloads section of this website.


Efflorescence is a powdery deposit of salts which forms on the surface of bricks and mortar. It occurs naturally in brickwork and is a harmless, temporary seasonal problem, which usually disappears by itself. Yellow bricks can be particularly prone to efflorescence and we recommend following best site practice.

Further guidance is available here.


Free samples are always available, enabling you to assess brick colours, blends, sizes and textures. Please call us on 01746 330994 or request a sample online.

Our expert team is happy to assist with advice and guidance to ensure you select the perfect product for your requirements.

Our samples service is based on a 3 to 5 day turnaround.


The recommendations for good site practice in the relevant British and European Standards must be fully observed to ensure durable brickwork.

Bricks should be kept covered in storage and protected from inclement weather wherever possible. Newly constructed masonry should always be covered to protect cavities and prevent moisture saturation.

To avoid colour banding or patches within the finished brickwork it is important to ensure that bricks are always mixed from several packs, working vertically down the blades, not horizontally across the tops of the packs.

Lead Times

The majority of our products are held in stock, some may be subject to a lead time depending on availability. Please check with our team when placing your order.

Pack Sizes

Pack sizes can sometimes vary, please confirm with our team when placing your order.


Our products can be collected from our distribution centres in Tilbury, Liverpool or Shropshire. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you on the most suitable collection point for your requirements.

Please note that a collection reference must be issued prior to collection, which will need to be quoted at point of collection.


1 Rubb Shed
RM18 7EH


Multi User Warehouse
Unit 4 Langton Park
Regent Road
Port of Liverpool
L20 1HA


The Crowgeaves
WV15 5LT


Full load sizes vary between 16/18/20/22 pallets depending on the brick type and size.

We operate on a minimum load quantity of approximately 5,000 into London; smaller quantities and delivery to other areas may incur a part-load charge from the haulier. Single pallet haulage is also available for smaller quantities.

Please ensure adequate site access and offload facilities are available.

Our team is always available to offer advice on the most appropriate delivery options for your requirements.

Purchase Orders

Please email all purchase orders to purchaseorders@imperialbricks.co.uk

Get in touch on 01746 330994 or email sales@imperialbricks.co.uk if you require further assistance.