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Bricks made the traditional way

Beeches Lodge | Malpas Cheshire SY14

Positioned at the head of the new Beeches development, the former lodge house is a locally listed Victorian manor house at the heart of a wider estate and gardens.

This attractive property has been extensively refurbished and extended to create a generously proportioned, contemporary family home within a period shell.

The construction of the extension and detached garage required a sensitive approach, with the right bricks needed to match the property as part of planning stipulations.

Our brick match team proposed the imperial 3” Victorian Orange Wirecut which perfectly mirrors the colour, texture and size of the historic Victorian building’s bricks, delivering a successful result.

Thanks for your assistance in selecting the brick for the extension and garage to Beeches Lodge. They were a great match and have worked really well.”

Richard Carmichael, Developer

Please note: this brick type has now been replaced by the 3″ Reclamation Orange Wirecut.

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