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Imperial Bricks introduces new Reclamation Handmade bricks

The 3” Reclamation Handmade as seen on a luxury new-build development by Lockwood Homes in Cheshire

At Imperial Bricks, we noticed growing demand in the Midlands and North for a 3” Reclamation handmade brick – so as the leading traditional handmade brick supplier in the UK, we’ve added it to our range. It’s also available in a metric version, suitable for new-build projects across the UK.

Historically used on traditional buildings in the region, the imperial-sized 3” Reclamation is ideal for a period property extension, renovation or new build that requires a sensitive approach. The rustic red handmade brick is a like-for-like alternative to genuine reclaims which are difficult to source.

The Reclamation Handmade brick undergoes a traditional weathering and tinting process to produce a reclamation finish for an instantly aged appearance. Also in the range is the non-reclamation Handmade which is available in imperial and metric sizing.

Jason Hughes, Managing Director here at Imperial Bricks adds: “We’ve seen a large demand in the Midlands and North for 3” Reclamation Handmade bricks. Although historically found on traditional buildings, the rustic red handmade brick is increasingly popular in new builds too to fit in with the surrounding areas. Our expert team is at hand to help self-builders, architects, specifiers and housebuilders find the right brickwork for their projects.”

Our customer support includes expert advice on projects, bespoke brick blends and complementary products such as brick weathering tint, so existing brickwork can be matched exactly, and a Heritage range of lime mortars to match regional varieties.

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