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Bricks made the traditional way

London Stock Bricks

Throughout the streets of London you will find many buildings which were constructed with imperial size handmade clay facing bricks, especially those built prior to the 1960’s.

When undertaking renovation and restoration work or developing traditional style new builds, these original red or yellow stock bricks are often specified. Sourcing the genuine reclaimed bricks in large quantities is often a difficult task; with a lack of quality guarantees and limited supplies, bricks can end up costing more than their initial purchase price.

We offer a new sustainable range of handmade bricks manufactured using traditional methods to replicate the colour and texture of genuine reclaims, with some of our most popular products featured below.

All of our bricks are produced to the highest quality, are CE marked and have BS EN 771-1 certification so you can be safe in the knowledge that your bricks will stand the test of time.

Reclamation Yellow Stock Bricks by Imperial Bricks          Reclamation Yellow Stock Bricks by Imperial Bricks

Yellow Multi Stock Bricks by Imperial Bricks          Reclamation Yellow Multi Stock Bricks by Imperial Bricks

Soft Red Bricks by Imperial Bricks          Reclamation Soft Red by Imperial Bricks

If you are looking to match a specific brick, our experts can help you with brick matching.

Samples of all of our bricks are available to request online, or if you prefer to discuss your requirements, contact us on 01952 750 816 or sales@imperialbricks.co.uk