Imperial introduces first dual-faced brick

13 August 2019 - News

We have introduced a new range of Pre War Common bricks with a difference.

Unique to the UK market, these new bricks are ‘dual-faced’, with one ‘clean’ face and header, and the other weathered.

This allows builders to use either face, whether matching up to existing brickwork, or using the ‘clean’ or weathered faces or create a blend of mixed finishes to suit the project.

Our new dual-faced Pre War Common is a diverse brick.  It has one clean face and header, with the other side featuring tonal weathering for a natural appearance, so creating unique blends is within anyone’s reach.

This means merchants can effectively stock a single brick style that allows for different finishes and multiple options for their customers, and builders can use just one brick type.

It’s a cost-effective solution that allows for more creativity and character but also less storage, handling and transport, explains Jason Hughes, Imperial’s Managing Director.

The new versatile dual-faced brick is available in a standard metric size suitable for new build, restoration or refurbishment.

With a characteristic red and orange base, pale flashings and dark overburns, the Pre War Common is a hydraulically pressed brick and was a popular brick type for 19th and 20th century housing across North West England.

With over ‘50 Shades of Clay’ available focusing on regional variations, Imperial Bricks supplies traditional handmade, waterstruck, wirecut, pressed and engineering bricks.

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