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Bricks made the traditional way

Brick Cutting & Bespoke Special Shaped Bricks

Imperial Bricks offers a wide range of special shaped bricks made to order

Specials are used in a variety of ways. They add durability and protection to brickwork and save time on site, as well as offering the option to create more distinctive features.

We offer a comprehensive range of British Standard profiles, as well as tailor-made special shapes to meet specific requirements.

With extensive expertise in matching special shaped bricks on historical properties, we can offer a variety of solutions. Any shape or angle can be either manufactured or fabricated to suit.

Bespoke Manufacture

We can offer a wide variety of handmade special shapes to accompany or complement our standard brick range, depending on project requirements. Our friendly team is always happy to offer advice and guidance on the most suitable options for each project.

Specialised Brick Cutting

Our purpose-built facilities enable us to work with our clients to produce a wide variety of profiles, with a standard, weathered or reclamation finish to suit each project.

Cut and bonded specials are mitered and bonded together to create any internal or external angle, with a sand finish added to disguise the joints.

Cut and refaced bricks are cut through the face to achieve the required shape, with an Epoxy resin and natural sand applied to finish the cut face.

Typical Specials 


  • Internal
  • External
  • Non Standard
  • Squint


  • Stretchers PL3
  • Internal Return PL4
  • External Return PL7
  • Internal Angle PL6
  • External Angle PL8
  • Wide Bed Plinth Stretcher
  • Plinth Header

Other Specials

  • Single Cant
  • Double Cant
  • Pistol Stretcher
  • Pistol Return
  • 140mm soldier cuts
  • 140mm soldier return

Want to find out more about our brick cutting and specials production service? Contact us on 01952 750 816 or sales@imperialbricks.co.uk