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Brick Calculator

Our brick calculator is a handy tool to accurately work out brick quantities for your project.

Simply enter the dimensions or area of the wall and select the brick size and bond you will be using and our calculator will display the number of bricks you will need.

1. Wall Measurements

Please enter the approximate size of your wall.


2. Brick Size

Please select the height of the brick would you like to use.

3. Brick Bond

Please select the brickwork bond you would like to use.

Stretcher Bond
Stretcher Bond
English Bond
English Garden Wall (4th Course)
English Garden Wall (6th Course)
Flemish Bond
Flemish Garden Wall
Monk Bond

Please note:

  • Quantities are based on areas of solid brickwork and do not allow for doors or windows
  • Calculations are based on a 10mm mortar joint and do not allow for wastage
  • Allowing for production of only 1 acceptable Header from a single brick for a Single Skin Wall (for factory production, 2 acceptable Headers can be obtained from a single brick for a Single Skin Wall)
  • Allowing for area coverage of 2 Headers from a single brick for a Double Skin Wall

Like the functionality of this calculator? It is also available in the free Brick Matcher App for mobile devices