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Bad business: Why ethical standards matter

Several brands have been in the news thanks to their failure to commit to ethical manufacturing.

In today’s global society, there is no excuse for not committing to ethical manufacturing because governments, investors, and consumers expect complete transparency of the supply chain.

Increased media attention is shining a spotlight on bad practice in employment and the environment and customers are understandably appalled. They don’t want to be associated with bad practice.

Concerned and informed global citizens want to be confident that merchants and manufacturers will distribute their hard-earned money along the supply chain fairly. Companies that cannot demonstrate ethical practice may find that a cheap price point is not enough to by-pass customers’ consciences.

Apart from this business imperative, there is a second reason why Imperial Bricks has always adhered to strict ethical manufacturing processes: it is simply the right thing to do.

We want our trade customers, specifiers, and end-users to be assured that Imperial Bricks products are made ethically and to the highest standards, and those who make our bricks are treated fairly, with respect for their human rights, in a safe environment.

That’s why compliance is strictly monitored by the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX) through regular ethical audits. Compliance focuses on performance in key areas, including labour rights, health and safety, the environment, and business ethics. Our established factories and trading partners are all routinely SEDEX audited and we work closely with new partners as they come on board to achieve SEDEX compliance. More information on SEDEX can be found at www.sedexglobal.com.

Imperial Bricks also stipulates that all our partner factories meet the employment guidelines specified in the Ethical Trade Initiative Base Code. This code protects the rights of workers; prohibiting harsh treatment, discrimination, and child labour; and ensures fair pay and working conditions. More information on the ETI Base Code can be found at https://www.ethicaltrade.org/eti-base-code.

Let’s be clear. Ethical practices are not a nice-to-have – they are an essential part of the DNA of any successful business, now and in the future. Ethical business is good business, so Imperial Bricks will continue to stand for fair treatment and sustainability throughout the supply chain.

View our full ethical statement here, or for more information call us on 01952 750 816.