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Bricks made the traditional way

Our Commitment to the Environment

Our environmental impact is controlled at every stage of production to ensure our products are helping to build a more sustainable supply chain.

With carefully controlled use of natural resources, reuse of manufacturing waste products and the recycling of products such as glass from outside the process, we’re doing everything we can to minimise the effect of our production on the environment.

Raw Materials

All of our clay is extracted from licensed clay fields and from construction waste wherever possible.

Recycling Waste Products

We ensure any bricks damaged during manufacture or deemed to be of inferior quality are recycled back into production and that the water used to prepare our clay suspensions is recycled rather than wasted wherever possible.

Recycling Other’s Waste

Working closely with suppliers, we continuously strive to develop new ways of incorporating materials such as recycled glass, paper and other waste materials into manufacturing processes, ensuring that less of the planet’s non-renewable resources are consumed and more of what would normally be thrown away is put to good use, without compromising the quality of our products.