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Brick Tinting

Brick tinting provides the perfect remedy for blending newer bricks and mortar indistinguishably with original brickwork when a suitable match isn’t available or remedial work is required on site after construction.

Brick tinting achieves a naturally weathered look through the application of a dye to the face of a brick, which penetrates the clay and forms a permanent bond. The bricks are ‘painted’ with the tint on site, which achieves a colour alteration which will weather at the same rate as the pre-existing masonry and best of all, requires no maintenance!

We offer a range of trusted brick tinting products, as well as a specialist on-site brick and mortar tinting service.

Key Benefits 

  • Economical Colour Correction
    Avoid expensive rebuilding or repointing
  • Safe To Use
    Weathering tints contain only water based silicate and mineral pigments
  • Gradual Weathering Options
    Can be diluted with water to suit particular application requirements and give an aged appearance without hiding original features
  • Bespoke Colour Correction
    The colour of masonry can be altered with coloured brick dyes
  • Breathable
    Tints do not seal the face of the brickwork which is vital to avoid frost damage due to trapped moisture
  • A Permanent Solution
    Providing tinting products are applied in accordance with the manufacturer guidance, brick tinting offers a permanent finish which will weather naturally with existing masonry

Brick Tinting Showcase

Clerkenwell Road

Example of Brick Tinting Process by Imperial Bricks
A centrally located London warehouse and office building was completely renovated and extended as part of a comprehensive scheme of works. Once exterior building work was completed, the extended areas did not have the required heavily weathered and sooted appearance to match the original structure, which was a planning requirement. Our team were able to mix the perfect tinting solution which was applied to the new bricks on site, achieving an indistinguishable blend of old and new brickwork.

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